In BBS, we bring together the best of fundamental mechanistic research and translational science focused on curing disease

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The BBS faculty is comprised of scientific leaders from every discipline

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Within BBS, you have the freedom to choose your educational path with supportive communities to help you excel

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The BBS program in Cell Biology provides courses, activities and resources that support a broad and deep understanding of cellular and molecular biology in order to complement cutting edge thesis research in the field. The goal of our program is an integrative and rigorous training in how to investigate horizon-line questions and apply transformative technologies.  Students who would like to be part of a community of like-minded pre and postdoctoral fellows, and faculty should consider this program. 


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Cell Biology Boot Camp Course


Experimental Approaches to Cell Biology

Jan 6, 2014 - Jan 22, 2014


Hands-on experience in labs employing cutting edge techniques: microscopy, cell biology, proteomics, epigenetics


Class Syllabus


Advanced Topics In Cell Biology


From Cell Biology to Therapeutic Molecules (CB309qc)

Winter, 2014


Quarter course addresses how fundamental mechanistic cell biology leads to new therapeutic modalities for human disease


Tentative Syllabus



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